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Nebraska Economics Challenge Rules

  • Students will have 35 minutes to answer 30 questions.
  • The challenge can not be paused and students can not skip questions.
  • Student team members do not need to complete the challenge together.
  • Students must complete the challenge without any outside assistance.
  • Teams must consist of 3-4 students, and the team score will be the sum of the team's top three scores.


  • The Adam Smith Division is intended for students who have completed or are enrolled in a two-semester or advanced economics course.
  • The David Ricardo Division is intended for students enrolled in a one-semester or introductory economics course.
  • The Middle School Division is intended for students enrolled in a middle school economics course.

Advancing to State Finals

  • The top 5 teams in the Fall 2023 Challenge and the top 5 teams in the Spring 2024 Challenge will compete in the Econ Challenge State Finals on April 16, 2024. Individual schools will be limited to a maximum of 3 state finals berths.
  • Students may participate in the Fall 2023 Challenge or Spring 2024 Challenge, but not both.

Advancing to Nationals

  • The state champion teams will go on to represent Nebraska in the National Competition.