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How it Works

How it Works

Step 1: Register as a teacher here! Once you have registered as a teacher, you can begin to create student teams of 3 to 4 students in either of two divisions: 

  • Adam Smith: students enrolled in any two-semester econ macro and micro course sequence or any course labeled as AP, IB, honors, or differentiated. If they previously participated in the David Ricardo Division, they must register for Adam Smith in this year's competition.
  • David Ricardo: any one-semester, introductory or general, combined macro and microeconomics course. Teams are encouraged to compete in the division that would challenge them the most.

Step 2: After creating the teams you will be given unique access codes for each student. Distribute these access codes to your students when they are ready to take the Challenge.

Step 3: State Championship Round: The EconChallenge ONLINE will be offered in Ohio from February 19, 2024, through 5 PM on April 8, 2024. Once the competition begins, students can enter the EconChallenge ONLINE website and complete a 30 question rapid-fire exam consisting of macro, micro, and international economics questions. To access practice tests click here

Each student will be given 35 minutes but all team members must complete the exam within 3 hours. Students must answer the Challenge questions independently. All team members can take the Challenge at the same time if computers are available, or a team can use one computer with team members taking the Challenge in sequence. Teachers must proctor all team participation in the Challenge. 

Scoring: the sum of the top three individual scores on each team makes up the team score. Scoring on individual tests are as follows:

  • +10 points for each correct answer
  •  -5 points for each incorrect answer
  •   0 points for each unanswered question

The State Winners of the Ohio EconChallenge ONLINE will receive a notification once the competition has ended. In the event of a tie, the team with the lowest total time to complete the exams will be declared the winner. Only team scores are available for distribution.

Step 4: National Semi-Finals will be held online during the window of April 22-26 2024. The top teams in each division will be invited to the National Economics Challenge Finals.

Step 5: The National Finals will be held in person in New York, New York on June 1 – 3, 2024, and will consist of a Critical Thinking Round and quiz bowl for the top teams. CEE will cover the hotel and food costs for all teams.