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The Mississippi Council on Economic Education (MCEE) is a non-profit educational organization founded to promote economic and financial literacy in Mississippi.

The mission of the Mississippi Council on Economic Education (MCEE) is to increase economic and financial literacy in Mississippi by providing resources and training to public and private K-12 school teachers, empowering students to create a more prosperous future for themselves and Mississippi.


MCEE’s purpose is to enhance the quality of instruction in economics, entrepreneurship, and personal finance to Mississippi’s K-12 students in ways that are academically sound and nonpartisan.   We train teachers to be proficient in teaching students a demonstrated understanding of economic and financial literacy in order to make informed financial decisions throughout their lives.

All students (K-12) need to learn grade-appropriate skills in economic and financial literacy, as well as entrepreneurial skills.  One of the primary goals of MCEE is to ensure demonstrated progress in improving the competency of Mississippi’s teachers and their ability to enhance their students’ understanding of financial and economic literacy.

MCEE strives to provide the best possible economics, financial literacy, and entrepreneurial education in Mississippi, working together with the national Council for Economic Education, Mississippi Department of Education, Centers on Economic Education, and its additional partners in the education and business communities throughout the state.  MCEE will be guided by integrity, fiscal soundness, good stewardship of the funding, and believing in teachers and students enough to achieve their optimal level of financial understanding.