Division Eligibility

All high school students are eligible. Teachers may enter multiple teams in their qualifying divisions. There is no financial cost to teachers or students to participate in the EconChallenge ONLINE!


The "Adam Smith" division is restricted to students enrolled in AP, IB, honors, or college level courses. Economics courses that are two-semesters also fall in this division.

The "David Ricardo" division is restricted to high school students enrolled in one-semester or less course not labeled as AP, IB, honors, or college level.

We will also select a state qualifier from the "Joan Robinson" division. This division is for schools with an enrollment of less than 600.Students from these schools are allowed to participate in the Joan Robinson division for more than one year.

Students who have already competed in the David Ricardo division must compete in the Adam smith division in subsequent years, per national guidelines. 


  • Supervision must be provided for the online challenge to ensure legitimacy.
  • Team members must be separated for the online challenge.
  • Teams who have done well in the past have been known to form study groups before the challenge. We have also posted sample tests online.
  • During the online challenge, each student is allowed a blank piece of paper and a pen or a pencil.
  • Calculators, phones, or other electronic devices are not allowed. The use of internet or other resource materials is prohibited.
  • Each student is given 35 minutes to complete the exam, and must complete the exam in one sitting.
  • 19 total teams, taken from all regions as well as online, will progress to the state-wide competition.



The sum of the top three individual scores on each team make up the team score. Scoring on individual tests are as follows:

  • The online Econ Challenge will have a single 30 question test, with a 35 minute time limit
  • The in-person Econ Challenges (regional and state) will have 3 tests of 15 questions each. These tests will each have a 20 minute time limit.
  • 10 points for each correct answer
  • 0 points for each incorrect answer or unanswered question
  • The online test has a maximum score of 300, the in-person tests have a maximum combined score of 450.

The winners of the Minnesota Econ Challenge ONLINE! who will be invited to State Competition will receive notification once the competition has ended. 

To view the 2015 National Economics Challenge Rules & Eligibility Guidelines, click here.