Welcome to the Minnesota EconChallenge ONLINE!

In the Minnesota Economics Challenge, teams of students representing high schools across the state compete in a series of challenging tests of their economic understanding and reasoning abilities. 

As an alternative to regional competitions held at Centers for Economic Education throughout Minnesota, teams have the opportunity to complete the first round of the Challenge online. The online option allows teachers and students to participate regardless of travel or budgetary constraints. In the first round, teams of four students in three divisions will complete online exams that cover topics in macro, micro and international economics.

All high school students are eligible. Teachers may enter multiple teams in their qualifying divisions. There is no financial cost to teachers or students to participate in the EconChallenge ONLINE!

Note: There are some additional restrictions for teams with returning students or those competing in the Joan Robinson divion. More information about these rules can be found by clicking on the image below.

How it Works