Welcome to the New Jersey State Econ Challenge ONLINE!

The Challenge is about to begin:

  • January 20 - April 8, 2022: Educator Registration Period - Teacher registration is to your left on this page. 
  • February 24 -  April 8, 2022 - New Jersey State Econ Challenge ONLINE! Competition- Teams log in and face the Challenge to determine the New Jersey State Championship team.
  • April 12, 2022: State Champions Announced

National Semi-FInals

  • April 25 - May 12, 2022 - First Round National Challenge (Online) - The New Jersey State Champion will compete in the National Semi-Finals. The Semi-Finals will be scheduled by region to be held one day between the indicated time frame. This round will be conducted as an online test.
  • Week of May 16, 2022 - National Semi-Finals (Virtual) - Critical thinking round where teams participate in a case study and present in front of a panel of judges.

National Finals

  • June 4 - June 6, 2022 - National Finals (In-person) - The top qualifying teams in each division from the National Semi-Finals will compete for the national title in New York City. The National Finals will include a critical thinking round and virtual quiz bowl where students have the opportunity to present to and answer questions from economists and financial professionals.
  • All student team members from the top four USA teams of the National Economics Challenge will receive  a cash prize corresponding to their team’s rank:

  • 1st place:    $2,000
    2nd place:  $1,000
    3rd place:   $500
    4th place:  $250

Join teams from across New Jersey to take the Challenge!

  • Educators- Register today and start creating your student teams.
  • Students - Study hard! The New Jersey State Econ Challenge ONLINE! will test you and your knowledge of economics.

Every high school student in New Jersey is invited to compete in the New Jersey State Econ Challenge ONLINE! The top team will be invited to participate in the National Semi-Finals.

Good luck to all our New Jersey State teams. The New Jersey State Econ Challenge ONLINE! is a great way to flex your intellectual muscle and participate with students from across the state in an exciting and fun competition.

Please contact Joseph DiFiglia at or 732.241.7458 if you have questions or need assistance.