Get ready for the New Jersey State Econ Challenge ONLINE!

The 2022 New Jersey State Econ Challenge ONLINE! is underway!

The New Jersey State Econ Challenge ONLINE! is a fun and free way for students to flex their intellectual muscle and test their knowledge of economics. Sponsored by the Council for Economic Education, the Challenge encourages students to apply their economics knowledge by competing with other students from across the state. There are two high school divisions in the New Jersey State Econ Challenge ONLINE!. All high school students are eligible to participate.

Teachers and students throughout New Jersey will be able to participate regardless of budgetary constraints. Each team will complete online exams that cover topics in microeconomics, macroeconomics, international economics and current events for a chance to participate in the National Semi-Finals, which will be held virtually, and the National Finals which will be held in-person this year. At the National Finals, the title is decided in a heated competition including a critical thinking round and a quick-paced virtual quiz-bowl.

There is no cost to either teachers or students to participate in the New Jersey State Econ Challenge ONLINE! competition


Any team of students interested in economics is encouraged to compete and schools may enter multiple teams. All members of a team must be enrolled for high school credit at some time during the 2021-2022 academic year.


New Jersey Competition:

  • All participating teams will receive certificates of participation.
  • The winning team will advance to the National Sem-Finals Competition which will be held in two rounds. 

National Semi-Finals:

  • State Champions compete online to determine which teams from each division will advance to the National Finals.
  • The frst round will be an online test to be held on one day between April 25 - May 12, 2022.
  • The second round, also held virtually, will be a critical thinking round where students compete as a team to be held during the week of May 16, 2022.

National Finals:

  • The four teams advancing to the National Finals will travel  to New York City on an all-expense paid trip on June 4-6, 2022. Teams will compete in-person for top awards and honors.
  • All student team members in the National FInals will receive a cash prize corresponding to their team’s rank:

    1st place:   $2,000
    2nd place:  $1,000
    3rd place:   $500
    4th place:   $250


All high school students are eligible. No formal courses in economics are required. Any team of students interested in economics is encouraged to compete. Schools may enter multiple teams in their qualifying divisions.


The Adam Smith division includes teams of students, currently or previously, enrolled in Advanced Placement (AP Micro, AP Macro, or AP Micro and Macro), International Baccalaureate (pre-IB and IB), honors, two courses, or any other advanced courses in economics (including courses taught by a secondary teacher where students earn college credit). The course must be taught by a secondary teacher. Students may participate in the Adam Smith division multiple times.

The David Ricardo division includes teams of students currently or previously enrolled in one general economics course (or less), or courses which include introductory economic concepts (social studies, business, personal finance, etc.). The course must be taught by a secondary teacher. Students who have never taken an economics course are eligible to compete. Students may only participate in the David Ricardo division one time.


Once registered online and activated by the challenge coordinator, teachers can immediately start to create their teams.

Complete information about dates for New Jersey can be found on the "Dates and Times" menu item to the left. Once the Challenge begins, students from around the state will be able to demonstrate their economic literacy through an online rapid fire exam.


Information on competition procedure, resources and sample tests can be found at: