To view the rules for the National Economics Challenge, visit click on "Preparing Your Team" then "Teacher/Coach Toolkit."  Indiana's rules vary slightly.  See the Indiana competition flyer for Indiana competition rules.

The David Ricardo Division is for students enrolled in one-semester (or less) general economics courses or courses which include introductory economic concepts (social studies, business, personal finance, etc.)  Courses must be taught be a secondary teacher.  Students who have never taken an economics course are eligible to compete.  Students are tested in the same areas as the Adam Smith Division; however, the questions for the David Ricardo Division may have a greater emphasis on economic application and less emphasis on economic theory. 

The Adam Smith Division is for students enrolled, currently or previously, in courses labeled Advanced Placement (AP Micro, AP Macro, or AP Micro and Macro), International Baccalaureate (pre-IB and IB), honors, two-semester, or any other advanced courses in economics (including courses taught by a secondary teacher where students earn college credit).  Courses must be taught be a secondary teacher.  Students who have participated previously in the Economics Challenge must compete in the Adam Smith Division.  This is also the division for home-schooled students.