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How it Works

How It Works


New Teachers:

  • You will need to complete the Teacher Registration and be approved by your local administrator before you can begin creating teams. Click here for an instructional video on Teacher Registration.

Creating Teams:

  • If you are ready to create your teams for this year's competition, you may do so by accessing your Team Administration page and selecting 'Create New Team'. If you need any guidance on creating teams, click here for a quick instructional video.  On the day of the in-person competition, coaches may make changes in team composition at the site of the competition. 

Accessing Student Data:

  • Once all of your student teams have completed the challenge, teachers can access their scoring and category data from their team administration page. Scoring data will show both the individual student score as well as the team score, while the category report will show student performance in each subject. For a walkthrough on accessing student data, please watch this short video.