About the North Carolina Challenge

Join hundreds of high school students across North Carolina in this great academic show down. Every student and teacher in North Carolina is invited to compete in the EconChallenge. Teachers can create as many student teams as they'd like, and the North Carolina Council on Economic Education will pay all registration and participation fees.

  • Teachers - Register today and start creating your student teams.
  • Students - Study hard, the EconChallenge ONLINE! will test you and your knowledge of Economics.

The Econ Challenge is a contest designed to find the dominant economics education programs in North Carolina, and to challenge students to rise to the occasion! The Econ Challenge takes the form of a single-elimination playoff. The first round is an online test, and the top six teams get to advance to the state championship, which takes the form of a quiz bowl. The state champion then has the opportunity to go on to compete against national competition. The Econ Challenge, like all of the NC Council on Economic Education’s programs, exists to enhance and advance economic knowledge among the teachers and students of North Carolina. The Econ Challenge has two divisions: Adam Smith for AP-level students, and David Ricardo for students with a more general economics background. We hope that as many teams as possible will participate! Let’s show the nation that North Carolina is where economics lives! So hit the books and show the competition who really knows their econ!

State Economics Challenge winners advance to the National Semi-Finals. See the complete rules for further information, or contact NCCEE if you have any questions.

The North Carolina Economics Challenge competition was made possible through the generous support of Barton College BB&T Center for Free Enterprise Education,  the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, Charlotte Branch and the Council for Economic Education.