Dates & Times for Iowa

Everyone can compete in the EconChallenge ONLINE!

Teacher Registration

Teachers can register at


The Iowa Online Challenge

  • Held at from February 1 to April 16, 2021.
  • All Iowa competitions in 2021 will be virtual. 

National Semi-Finals will be scheduled by region to be held on one day between May 3 and May 20. This round will be conducted as an online test. 

National Finals will include a critical thinking round and virtual quiz bowl where students have the opportunity to present to and answer questions from economists and financial professionals. This round will be held May 22-24.

If your team qualifies you will be invited to the State Finals online.


How are the State Finals set up?

Each participant takes a 15-question, multiple-choice test in each of the following areas:

          Round I: Microeconomics (Individual and Team)

          Round II: Macroeconomics (Individual and Team)

          Round III: International Economics and Comparative Economic Systems (Team Only)

          Round IV: Top two teams in each division qualify for the Quiz Bowl Round. 


State Prizes in Each Division

State champion team members: $250 towards an Iowa College Savings account in each student’s name plus $50 cash for each student on the team. 

Runner up team members: $50 cash for each team member.