Welcome to the Economics Challenge Wild Card Competition!

If you selected your state on the map ( and you were re-routed here, you are in the right place! If a your state is not currently offering a state-wide competition-- you are invited to participate in the Economics Challenge Wild Card Competition. 

The Wild Card Competition (March 2 - April 2, 2020) is the first of three elimination rounds to determine the overall champions of the National Economics Challenge.

The highest scoring teams in two divisions, will be invited to advance to the National Semi Finals (April 15, 2020- or Make update: April 20, 2020) to compete online with winning teams across the United States! 

The top highest scoring teams in each division from Semi-Final will invited to compete in the National Economics Challenge Finals held in New York City area May 16-18, 2020 for the title of National Champion and for cash prizes totaling $20,000. CEE will pay for all food and lodging.

Let’s get started!

  • Online Registration for Teachers and Coaches - Opens on January 1, 2020 – Teachers and coaches click on the Teacher Registration tab on the left to start creating your student teams.
  • Before registering your teams, be sure to review the National Economics Challenge Rules and Eligibility, This is a guide to place your team in the correct division. 
  • Students - Study hard! The Economics Challenge will test you, and your knowledge of Economics. Students compete in teams of four (with each student eligible to participate as a member of only one team).
  • National Economics Challenge Wild Card Online Competition (March 2 – April 2, 2020) - The Adam Smith and David Ricardo teams login and face the Challenge! The Economics Challenge. will be offered March 2 through April 2, 2020. Teachers select one day for the entire class or teams to participate. Once the competition begins, students will enter the website (, select STUDENT ACCESS on the menu, and login using their unique access code which will be provided by the teacher at the time of the team's challenge. The team will complete a 30 question rapid fire exam consisting of macro, micro, and international questions.

    Each student will be given 30 minutes. The Challenge must be taken by all team members at the same time if computers are available (team can use one computer with team members taking the Challenge in sequence but will have a cumulative time of three hours. The clock countdown starts with the first student to login and the team competition will end within 3 hours - with each student having a maximum of 30 minutes before timing out. Students must answer the Challenge questions independently. There must be an adult proctoring all team participation in the Challenge. The top highest scoring team in the Adam Smith division and the David Ricardo division will be invited to participate in the National Semi Finals where all state winners compete to get one step closer to being the National winners of their division.


State winners in two divisions will be invited to advance to the National Semi Finals.


  • National Economics Challenge Semi Final Competition - April 15, 2020 (April 20, 2020) Test date only for schools that are on spring break or valid reason with documentation) - The Adam Smith and David Ricardo division State winners participate in this nationwide competition. The National Semi Finals competition will take place on Wednesday, April 20, 2020. The Challenge will be held online, and will be administered at the participating teams’ school or club and overseen by a principal appointed proctor. The Council for Economic Education will develop, distribute, and score the test. The top highest scoring teams from each division will be invited to New York City to compete at the national level. CEE will pay for all lodging, food, and events while in NYC for 1-teacher/coach and 4-students. Teams just need to get to New York City! (CEE will not cover transportation costs) Click here for more information:

Top highest scoring teams will be invited to advance to National Finals


  • National Economics Challenge Final  (May 16 - 18, 2020) - The Council for Economic Education will host the National Economics Challenge in New York City area on May 16 - 18, 2020. Cash prizes, a trophy, and medals for the top 8 teams at nationals. Rounds will cover Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, International and current events. There will be critical thinking rounds and quiz bowl rounds and an international round. CEE will pay for all lodging, food, and events while in NYC for a team consisting of 1-teacher and upto 4-students. Teams must find their own way to the competition (CEE does not cover transportation costs).