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Oklahoma Economics Challenge Rules


The Oklahoma Council on Economic Education can not be held responsible for students or teams that can not complete the online assessment due to a computer/device problem. The online assessment can NOT be reset due to computer/device errors.



  • 3-4 students per team.
  • All team members must be from the same high school.
  • Teams must be sponsored by a teacher from its school.
  • Each team member is to complete the Challenge as an individual; students do NOT work as a group.
  • Teams have a total of 3 hours to complete the Challenge. Time begins when the first member of that team logs in.



  • There are two divisions (based on experience level):
  1. Adam Smith Division - This division is for students who are enrolled in AP, international baccalaureate, and honors students (as well as any returning competitors).
  2. David Ricardo Division - This division is for first-time Challenge competitors who have taken no more than one economics course. No student is permitted to compete in the David Ricardo division more than once. Any returning student who has participated as a David Ricardo student for one Challenge must compete in the Adam Smith division in subsequent Challenges, regardless of whether that student is only taking a general or one-semester economics course.



  • Teachers may sponsor more than one team from their school.
  • Teachers will receive unique access codes for each registered student which you will provide to the students at the appropriate time.
  • Access codes can only be used one time - at the time of completing the Challenge.
  • Teachers, certified staff members or any other adult may NOT help the students by guiding them or re-phrasing a question. Once the online assessment begins there should be no assistance given to the students.



  • Students will complete the Challenge individually; students should NOT work as a group.
  • Students have a total of 35 minutes to complete the Challenge.
  • Students must be currently enrolled in a public or private Oklahoma high school.
  • Students may participate each year that they are attending high school.
  • Students may NOT utilize any outside materials or testing aids (i.e. calculators, phones, laptops, other computers, etc) during the Challenge.
  • Students are allowed a pencil and scratch paper during the Challenge.



  • Students are awarded 10 points for each correct answer. The highest individual score possible is 300 while the highest team score possible is 900. 
  • The sum of the top 3 highest scoring individuals on the team make up the team score. If the team consists of 4 students, the lowest score will not be counted.
  • Tie Breaker  - In the event of a tie, the tie breaker will be the fastest combined time of the 3 members whose score is used for the team score.


Rules Committee

  • OCEE staff will serve as the Rules Committee for the State Challenge.
  • The Rules Committee is responsible for rules compliance for the Challenge.
  • All decisions of the Rules Committee are final.


State Champions

  • The winning team from each division of the State Challenge will be recognized as the Oklahoma Economics Challenge Champions and will represent Oklahoma in the National Economics Challenge.
  • If within 7 days of being named a State Champion the winning team finds they cannot attend the National Economics Challenge, the second place team from that division will be offered the chance to participate in the National Challenge.