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How it Works

How It Works



  • Complete the Teacher Registration. Click here for an instructional video on Teacher Registration.
  • There are two divisions (based on experience level):
  1. Adam Smith Division - This division is for students who are enrolled in AP, international baccalaureate, and honors students (as well as any returning competitors).
  2. David Ricardo Division - This division is for first-time Challenge competitors who have taken no more than one economics course. No student is permitted to compete in the David Ricardo division more than once, regardless of whether that student is only taking a general or one-semester economics course.
  • Organize your students into teams of 3-4 students each by division.
  • Enter your teams by accessing your "Team Administration" page and selecting "Create New Team". If you need any guidance on creating teams, click here for a quick instructional video.


Student Access Codes

  • Once your teams have been created, each student will be assigned a unique access code that can only be used once - at the time of completing the Challenge - and can only be used by that student. Watch this short video for guidance on locating your students' access codes.


Practice Assessments

  • Students can take practice accessments while they are waiting for the State Challenge to begin. See the "Practice" section for more information.


Completing the State Challenge

  • When it is time for students to complete the State Challenge, they will select "Student Access" and enter their access code that was assigned to them. They will then complete a short identification and Challenge integrity confirmation before they begin the Challenge. For insight on student access and the layout of the Challenge, check out this short video.
  • The students will then take a 30-question, rapid-fire online assessment covering topics on macroeconomics, microeconomics, and international economics/current events. From the moment the first student on a given team logs in, that team has a total 3 hours for each member to complete the online assessment. Within this three-hour period, each student will have 35 minutes to complete their portion of the online assessment without any cooperation between team members or outside help. 

  • Questions are randomly pulled from the Council for Economic Education’s database so each student may answer different questions. 


Accessing Student Data

  • Once all of your student teams have completed the Challenge, teachers can access their scoring and category data from their Team Administration page. Scoring data will show both the individual student score as well as the team score, while the category report will show student performance in each subject. For a walkthrough on accessing student data, please watch this short video.