1. Click the Teacher Registration button. Teachers complete online registration. You will receive email notification as soon as your account is available, most likely within 2 hours.
  2. Click the Teacher Login button. Enter your email and password used during registration. Determine if your students will compete in the David Ricardo (general economics students) or Adam Smith (AP, IB, or have competed previously) division. Click Create New Team. Type in a team name and each team members first and last name. Who you place on a team together will not matter so feel free to just complete this process alphabetically or any way that works best for you. Repeat process for all teams. Student access codes are generated immediately. A maximum of 4 and minimum of 1 student can be placed on a team.
  3. Prepare your students for the EconChallenge Online Qualifier. Check out the Teacher Resource Guide that includes released questions from previous year's state finals competition. Have them take the practice test available online. Practice tests you can print are available from the Center for Economic Education.
  4. Distribute student access codes on the day you would like to have students participate in the online qualifying round between January 2-March 13 at 6pm. Students will login by clicking on Student Access and entering their access code. Students have 35 minutes to complete a 30 question test. Scoring on tests are as follows:+10 points for each correct answer. There are no longer negative points for incorrect answers.
  5. Teachers of teams qualifying for the State Finals will be notified during the evening on March 10th. A school will only be allowed to have a maximum of 3 teams qualify for the state finals in each division.
    • To determine the schools that will receive a bid to the state finals, NKU CEE top 10 scores. Those scores will represent the school scores and determine which schools and how many teams receive the invitation to the state finals. Schools will be limited to a maximum of 3 teams. If there are more than 3 teams from a specific school we will extend our selection beyond the top 10 scores. Teachers will receive their student scores and can determine which students they would like to represent them at the state finals.
  6. The face to face State Finals will take place Monday, March 30th, 2020 at Northern Kentucky University. The State Finals will consist of 3 rounds followed by a quiz bowl style finals between the top 2 scoring teams in rounds I-III.

    Round I: Microeconomics (15 questions, taken as individuals, top 3 scores count)
    Round II: Macroeconomics (15 questions, taken as individuals, top 3 scores count)
    Round III: International Economics and Current Events (15 questions, taken as a team, score multiplied by 3)

  7. The top two teams in each division will compete in a fast-paced quiz bowl competition to name a State Champion for each division.
  8. The state champions will compete in the regional championship April 15, 2020 for a chance to travel to New York City for the National Championship May 16-18, 2020.